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We can deliver the ‘drug delivery devices of tomorrow’ better and faster than our competitors and this is why we strongly believe that our innovation strength becomes your competitiveness    

Morten Nielsen


Latest news 

  • Bayer launches

    new electronic auto injector

    Bayer introduces first Bluetooth-enabled auto-injector, designed and developed with Bang & Olufsen Medicom. MORE

  • Annual Report 2013

    Medicom reports strong double-digit growth in 2013

    The financial performance for 2013 have been very strong and demonstrates the sustainability of our strategy and business model. MORE

  • Medicom

    - now also in Shanghai, China

    Medicom have established a new office in Shanghai, China from 2. January 2014. MORE

  • Medicom signs deal

    with Boehringer Ingelheim

    regarding development of an innovative device based on Bang & Olufsen Medicom’s patented flow monitoring technology MORE

  • Winner of Fighter Award 2013

    Bang & Olufsen Medicom

    is the winner of "The Fighter Award 2013" (Fighter Pokalen 2013) MORE

  • Knæk Cancer 2013

    Bang & Olufsen Medicom

    supports "Knæk Cancer 2013" MORE

  • We are hiring!


    We are hiring new colleagues - please see the "Career" section under "About us" MORE

  • Medicom signs deal

    with a leading pharmaceutical company.

    Low-volume manufacturing and supply agreement for advanced electronic auto-injector MORE

  • Medicom signs deal

    with leading pharmaceutical company

    A dual-device strategy including both a design-enhanced injector and an intelligent and highly differentiated electronic auto-injector prepared for wireless data communication MORE

  • Medicom signs deal

    with a leading pharmaceutical company.

    Regarding development and deployment of a new software and service solution based on wireless communication with an electronic auto-injector MORE

  • Interview

    with Morten Nielsen

    Morten Nielsen, CEO of Bang & Olufsen Medicom, reveals how Medicom has facilitated its challenge MORE